Ultrasound generators and transducers

Sirio Wire provides ultrasound generators and transducers for your specific applications.
To guarantee the utmost efficiency of the washing system, a microprocessor manages the Sirio Wire ultrasound generator:

  • Frequency sweep: allows to maximize and adapt cavitation with the vibration of the output frequency;
  • Frequency tracking searches the optimal operating frequency upon any variation to the physical conditions of the washing cycle;
  • Degas mode allows transducers to work in alternating mode to quickly degas the washing liquid;
  • Pulse mode allows transducers to work in impulsive mode to eliminate standing waves in the washing liquid;
  • Automatic control of any anomaly to the power supplied with an alarm signalling and relay output enabling;
  • Fully customized work programmes

The Sirio Wire generators use power ranging from 700W to 4000W and can be supplied either digitally or analogically.

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